Check My Math! with Danny Bitch

Welcome to Check My Math, the show where we make math FUN!

Warning: 9/11 Imagery

The Party

A man is faced with a choice: Withhold his own fulfillment to save the woman he loves, or fart.

Sext Spell Corrector

Sick of your drunkenly-written sexts leaving your lover of choice dry and/or soft? Jonathan Trombone can help!

Chris Unboxes - XBOX ONE!!!

This week on Chris Unboxes - The Xbox One. Sleek and sexy, the Xbox One is everything a gamer could want. Let's pop it open.

The Rear-View Mirror Ad

From ever-benevolent Jamp Strankles Corporation comes The Rear-View Mirror: A perfect device for discreetly admiring Sexually Desirables without upsetting Emotionally Non-Negligibles. Pick one up today!

Chillin' Cool with 'Mark' from The Room: An Interview with Greg Sestero

This week, on Chillin' Cool and Relaxing Hardcore-Style,
Chris interviews Greg Sestero, AKA Mark from 'The Room' AKA the author of "The Disaster Artist."
The Disaster Artist is out now on paperback. Check it out:

Next week on Chillin' Cool and Relaxing Hardcore-Style with Chris Murphy, the show is cancelled.

ALs Ice BUcket Challenge: ACCEPTED!!
Order and Law: Smart Borrowing

Detectives Tin and Gumbles construct a complicated metaphor involving apple juice and college loans.

Learn more at

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Poster Re-Creation

Learn how to become a real Twilight!

Earth's Mightiest Smartwatch: Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band comes out May 1st, 2014, in iMax and RealD 3-D worldwide. Order your tickets today.

I said TODAY.